Research Administration and Academic Affairs

Scientific and applied sciences research is at the heart of the global economy and is responsible for many of the medical and technological advances of the past century.

Those engaged in research must contend with a complex web of laws, regulations, and administrative processes, however. These issues can include federal grant policies and processes, technology transfer disputes between researchers and their institution, intellectual property considerations, compliance with human and animal welfare standards, authorship disputes, and research misconduct regulations.

We advise and represent researchers and research administrators in a wide array of such matters. Examples of research administration matters include:

  • Represented senior research administrator in allegations of duplicate publication;
  • Advised and represented whistleblowers in reporting allegations of research misconduct;
  • Assisted researchers in bringing concerns to the HHS Office of Research Integrity where institutional investigation was inadequate;
  • Advised researcher on compliance matters related cost principles in the Uniform Guidance, to include time and effort reporting and salary and vacation calculations;
  • Represented multiple whistleblowers in federal districts throughout the country in False Claims Act cases involving grant fraud.

Supervising Attorney: John Thomas

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